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Rules for Marble Games

Playing with marbles can be fun and rewarding for players of all ages. Below we have created links to sets of rules for different marble games. Please remember that since marble games have been played for many generations, the rules can vary depending on where you are playing. For this reason we have tried to locate links to game rules that are presented by a tournament governing body or other well known authority on the game. But the biggest rule of all is for all playing to have fun! And all to use good sportsmanship.

Marble Game     Link to Rules
Ringer     National Marbles Tournament Rules for Ringer
Aggravation / Wahoo!     Wahoo Rules by Wikipedia
Bulls Eye     Bulls Eye Rules by Wikipedia

If your making your own boards for these games or just need replacement marbles, check out our selection of game marbles by clicking here! Or to add more color and excitement to your games try substituting some of the colorful marble styles from our collection of collectible marbles.

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