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How to Tell Which Type of Clock Hands You Need

How to Tell Which Type of Clock Hands You Need

First you need to narrow down for what type of clock you are replacing the hands.

There are many types of clocks on the market so you need to determine what category of clock you have. Since there are so many types this article will start out covering a few of the most common. Hopefully over time more types and examples will be added so check back if yours is not covered.

Battery Quartz Movements

The first category (and probably the most common type to have hands and movements replaced) is the battery operated quartz movement clock. These clocks will vary in looks and are often more commonly used in homes. The easy way to identify these clocks would be to turn the clock over and look for a small black box on the back of the clock that holds either "AA" or "C" type batteries. Most will hold a single battery but occassionally one is made to hold 2 batteries.
Example of Quartz battery movement.

These movements are made by a variety of companies and can generally be divided in two types. Those movements who use push-on hands and those movements who use I-shaft hands.

Push-on movements
These movement the hands slide on the plastic shaft. The hands are only held in place by the shaft of the movement going through the hole in the hands. Push on movements can be made with or without the brass bushing that holds the movement to the clock face. See photos below.

These hands will have round holes on the end that attaches to the shaft on both the minute and hour hand.

I-shaft movements
These movements the hour hand slides on the shaft and sits with just the shaft holding it. And has a round hole in the end that goes on the shaft. But the minute hand has a somewhat oval hole and is gently twisted on the threaded portion at the end of the shaft. A very small nut is then turned onto this threaded portion to hold the minute hand in position. If you are not going to us a second hand this nut can be replaced using a cap nut to give the movement a more complete look. Not all manufactures and/or models of this style movement come with an option cap nut.

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