How to find the correct Hansen Motor and Movement?

Choosing the correct Hansen Synchron Motor and Movement to replace yours is very important. To make this task easier we have created some simple steps.

1. Determine if you need to replace the motor or if its in a clock do you need a new movement or both.

A. The motor is the small either round or teardrop shaped item with either a shaft or gear coming out of it.


B. The movement is the oval or rectangular set of brass plates with gears in between them that the motor attaches to in order to run the clock. The movement will have a shaft coming from it.


C. Sometimes in clocks it is easier to replace both the motor and the movement to ensure you correct the whole problem. Often times it is cheaper to buy these together than to purchase them separately.

2. Now we must narrow down the options a little more by deciding what you need to know for each of the above categories. So to make this easier to read I will now go through the steps for each of the above categories separately. Please feel free to skip the categories that don't apply to the item your looking for.


Most of the Hansen Synchron Motors will have writing running around the side of the canister. If you can still read this writing on your it will be a great plus in finding your correct motor. The writing will contain how many votts (#V), hertz (#hz), watts (#w), part # (combination of letters and numbers) and hyphenated coded number. The part number will be the letter number combination you can find in our product title after name Hansen. But if you don't have the writing left on your don't worry we can still find it.


1. Finding the correct motor if it doesn't have the writing (which I haven't seen happen yet on a true Hansen motor, so if it doesn't have the writing it probably isn't a Hansen brand synchron motor) is more difficult. First you need to look to see which style case the motor in made in. Please see pics below.


4 Mount Round                  2 Mount Round                   2 Mount Teardrop

2. Then you need to know if it turns clockwise (right) or counter clockwise )(left).

3. You will then need to know how if your motor had a shaft or just a gear. If it has a shaft you will need to know the shape and length of the shaft. Some motors with shafts will also have a gear, a pin through the shaft, or other characteristic to the shaft. If your motor has only a gear showing you will need to know the diameter of the gear and how many teeth are on the gear.

4. You will also need to know the number of watts, hertz, rpms, and cycles your old motor ran at.

With this information you will be able to match up to the descriptions of the Hansen Synchron Motors we have listed on our website. Please note that several of the motors will have many characteristics the same but a difference in one characteristic is important in order for you to get correct motor for your need.


Hansen brand synchron movements will have a number stamped in the upper left hand corner of the front plate. (The front plate is the plate that mounts next to the back of the clock). This number is a hyphenated number. You can use this number to locate the correct movement for your clock in our listings by looking for this number at the beginning of the title.

Other information you will want to know is:

1. Which Hansen Synchron Motor does your movement use. Please see above to note how to figure this out.

2. Is the face plate oval or rectangular?

3. How long is the shaft on your movement? This should be measured from the movements face place to the tip of the shaft.

4. Does your movement have a rear time set shaft or bottom time set shaft. To tell the difference look to see if the knob on the rod to set the time point stick out toward the back of the movement on the lower left hand corner (rear set) or it points straight downward at the bottom center of the movement (bottom set). See pics below.


     Rear Set               Bottom Set

5. You will need to determine how your movement attaches to the clock. If it is held to the clock by a nut on the movement shaft it is what they call center mounted. If it has screws that hold the plate to the clock it is what they call surface mounted. Most of the Hansen brand movements are available in both center mount and surface mount but not all. This is very important in older advertising clocks! If you mount a center mount movement to a clock that is not made for center mount it can be too heavy and the break the area of the clock around the center mount nut. This is very important to watch in older plastic clocks as the plastic can get brittle over time.


     Center Mount                 Surface Mount

There are many brands of synchron motors and movements out in circulation. And although Hansen Synchron is one of the most well known brands many have found that by knowing the above information they are also able to replace other brands motors and movements with Hansen Synchron motors and movements. If you are trying to replace another brand or don't have the numbers from the side of the motor or the face plate of the movement you will need to be very careful to match up the information we have discussed above if you wish the item to meet your needs.